Sunday, April 20, 2014

Outdoor Wood Slat Sectional: Part One Complete

The first part of our wood slat sectional is complete!!  Finally!  We now have three complete sections.  Here's a peak below.  We used Varathane Early American stain.  Now all it needs is a layer of some kind of weather protectant finish.  I only used one coat of stain - you can see where it is a little blotchy in some areas.  I may go back and add a second coat to even it out a little.

And here's a shot with cushions.  We're still short a back cushion (the navy cushions seem to sell quickly at Target).  Check out the first post in this series here.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sprucing Up the Deck - With Furniture

Today my hands are covered in cuts, stain and splinters - but it's worth it.  I am nearly finished with four of the eight pieces I am constructing for our outdoor sectional.  Yay!

Here's a teaser.

The plans are from Ana-white and imitate the West Elm Wood Slat Sectional (click here).  Click Here for the plans from Ana-White.

This project all started with a visit to Ikea believe it or not.  We went to pick up a table and some chairs that I had found online.  We purchased the square ÄPPLARÖ table.  I was originally looking at the rectangular one, until I saw it in person.  It was tiny!!  But for only $20 more, we decided to go with the square table.  We also picked up four of the corresponding folding chairs, that were surprisingly sturdy and comfortable (excuse the mess).

Eventually we'd like to  purchase two of the benches that come in the set for two of the sides.  While we were there, we also spotted this really nice looking sectional (in the same furniture series).  But after doing a stability test, we decided that we didn't think the quality would last - especially for the price.  So when I got home, I decided to look into the plans to build our own sectional.  I have to say, Ana's plans were so easy to follow and I love the progress we've made so far.  The stain color you see is Early American from Varathane.  Right now there is only one coat of stain.  I plan to apply a second coat, and then a weather resistant top coat.  The plan was to find a color that coordinated with the new table and chairs.

For the cushions, we purchased these ones from Target (click here) and we plan to purchase the matching back pillows (they aren't in stock in our store).  Here are some more shots of the progress.

Ignore the fact that the section at the left is about two inches higher - I need to trim down the legs and reattach… oops. :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bringing a Little Spring Indoors

Regardless of the fact that we received in excess of 6 inches of snow last night, I am determined to focus on warmer weather and the days that are soon to come (I hope!).  Yesterday Little Man and I took a trip to Michaels to look for some flowers for the dining room table.

The flowers and vase were both on sale!  This arrangement was made for about $15.  I was originally looking for a vase but when I found this white pitcher, it was love.  :)

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stairwell Progress

It's been a while since I've posted.  However, I wanted to share the slow but somewhat steady progress on our stairwell.  The pieces on the diagonals were the hardest to cut and measure.  However, I think once everything is caulked and painted, it will really come together.  I still need to add a couple more pieces and we'll be good to go.  Then I just need to bribe Mav to paint it :).

Here's the rest of the entryway:

The moulding really adds a lot to the entryway.  Here's what it looked like the day we bought our house.

It can be easy to forget what a big difference something as small as moulding can make on a space until you look back on what the space looked like before!  I'm excited for the finished product!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Living Room: Where We Are and Where We're Going

In our new house, one of the first rooms I've focused on updating is our living room - which is where we literally spend all of our time.  Here's what it looked like when we first moved in.

With a coat of paint and cleaned up a bit.
Here it is now (with sources):

Paint: Valspar Montpelier Ashlar Gray (eggshell)
Couch:  Belfort Furniture Harris Sectional Sofa (Link)
Curtain Rods: Crate and Barrel Matte Nickel .75" Curtain Rod Set (Link)
Curtains: West Elm Cotton Canvas Curtain - light flax (Link)
Tv Stand: Target Threshold Shuttered Door Media Stand (Link)
Rug: Lowes (remnant 8'x12')
Arm Chair: Overstock Griffin Avigon Stone Club Chair (Link)
Canvas: Great Big Canvas Michael Tompsett World Text Map (Link)

Although we've made a lot of progress in this room, we still have quite the to-do list.

- Add crown moulding
- Frame the windows
- Select art for the wall next to the deck door
- Add some flair to the fireplace (maybe a basket or some lanterns on the hearth)
- Change out the ceiling fan
- Select a side table

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Great Big What?!

You're seeing that right... it's an enormous canvas print.  I love how the living rooms in the Restoration Hardware catalog have these huge prints over the couches.  To imitate that look, I found this artist that I LOVE.  Michael Tompsett designs world maps for literally anyone.  From abstract art like paint splatter maps to global maps made from flowers, dinosaurs and other items.  Check out his collection here:  Michael Tompsett.  The particular map we selected is actually a world map where the continents are made out of the letters of major cities.  Here's a closer look.

I loved that this piece had a sort of antique look to it, but with a twist that adds interest.  It's sure to be a piece that people will talk about.  Plus, there's bound to be at least one city on there that every person can relate to.

Grat Big Canvas offers an option to order your canvas with a floating frame which was what we selected to make it stand out a little more.  For reference, this canvas is 48" x 60" - almost as big as me in width!  They offer coupon codes so that you can get their items at a pretty decent discount.  We got ours for 30% off.  We really love how it adds warmth to the room and fills that big empty space.