Our new kitchen table!

Building a Farmhouse Table

So, this is a chronicle of my first woodworking project.  I really wanted a nice wood top table that I could decorate without having to put a table cloth on it.  The table we currently had was one that my husband grew up doing homework on - which is awesome because it has tons of memories for him!  Because of that we decided it was not a good idea to refinish that table.  So instead, I decided to build my own.  My inspiration came from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  I really liked the design of the Restoration Hardware table, but loved the rich color of the Pottery Barn one.

Restoration Hardware

Pottery Barn

However both of these table have price tags over $1500... so I found some plans on Ana-White.com and decided to try my hand at woodworking.  Click Here to See the Plans.  

So I spent two weekends assembling and then sanding and staining the table and voila…

I probably could have finished it faster had I not had a little Helper that I needed to work around.  I modified the plans to be a little shorter since our eating area is much smaller, but I am so happy with how it turned out!    Now I will definitely be trying more woodworking projects!

Here are two "before stain" photos.


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