Re-staining Kitchen Cabinets

Re-staining Kitchen Cabinets

So, as part of my kitchen "remodel" I decided that I was going to try to re-stain my kitchen cabinets.  They were all different shades (some worn more than others) - but altogether were an orangey gold.  I definitely wasn't thrilled with them.  Here's a before shot.

Here is an in-progess shot:

This whole process has been long and somewhat trying - let's just say that things didn't look the way I imagined a couple times along the way.  There were a couple times when I thought "Oh no! I've ruined my cabinets".  When home projects don't go as smoothly as you like it can definitely be frustrating.  But generally there's a way to fix it - which proved true in this case.  

However, I finally feel like the project is in a good place.  The stain is showing the wood grain (turns out hand sanding doesn't quite give the same effect as using a power sander) and the frames are the same color as the doors (who knew you'd need more coats of stain on the frames than the doors!).  I'll post more later on the whole process, but for now here are a couple more in progress shots.
 I decided to use Varathane Early American stain which is a nice rich brown color.  I'm also using Polycrylic satin finish to give the cabinets some natural shine.

I'm definitely very pleased with the progress.  It will be very nice when all of the pieces come together.

Here's the backsplash tile we want to install as well.  And we definitely need some new lighting so this room isn't so darn dark at night. :)


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