Color Anxiety

Color Anxiety

This is a photo from Olive Our House.  
Check out their gorgeous dining 
room by clicking the link.

I always read these home improvement blogs and the writers have homes that are light and airy and beautiful.  The walls, furniture and accessories are all light airy neutrals and the spaces are bright and open looking.  So, I decided that with my kitchen remodel I too would paint my walls a beautiful light shade of gray.  When the googled Behr Porpoise, this is the shade of paint I found and this became my room inspiration.
However, on my walls the color was much... whiter... and now I don't like it.  Well at least I don't think I do.  At first I didn't like the painted countertops either and now I love them.

Those are my new drop cloth curtains on that window... now those I love.

PROS:  the new paint definitely brightens the room and reflects a lot more light, it's also a good neutral allowing for more changes in accessories without clashing with the red.  The red was also very dark and, well... red.  Sometimes such a strong color can feel overwhelming.  Especially in a small, dark room.

CON: The room sometimes feels too bright and not as warm as the rest of the house (maybe because I'm a warm color person).  It's definitely taking some time to get used to.

I'll wait and see how I feel in a week or two and decide whether or not to finish up the gray, revert back to red, or find another color altogether.


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