Gray is the New Neutral

Gray is the New Neutral

I never thought the day would come when I would choose gray walls in my own house, and like it.  But that day has come!  I finished painting the kitchen Behr's Porpoise and I absolutely love it.  Normally I choose warm colors for home decorating - grays tend to remind me of cold office buildings - but I'm loving the brightness that this new color brings to the kitchen... especially against the dark woods.

Excuse the clutter... we had just finished removing the backsplash and were in the process of spackling.

Note the new chairs from that look exactly like the Pottery Barn Isabella 
chairs I wanted (but more than half the price).  Excuse the unfinished bench...

Plus, I have white dishes and server ware - which look awesome against the gray walls.  However, now I'm thinking that white subway tile would look great as a backsplash.  But I'd like to hold out for corian countertops before I install tile - might as well wait and do it right the first time.  It'll just take some time to save up for that.

I kind of like the white countertop with white backsplash idea, but Hubby thinks it will all just wash out.  

Then again I also like how everything looks now with the dark countertops... we'll see I guess.  We still have plenty of time before that decision needs to be made.


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