Making a House a Home

Making a House a Home

One thing that I love about home DIY/decor blogs is seeing the transformation that each room takes.  I especially enjoy seeing how rooms and homes evolve as the writer's tastes evolve.  I know ours certainly have.  Don't worry if sometimes your first vision doesn't turn out the way you thought it would... or if a couple of years later you look at that room and say "Ugh! What was I thinking?!".  That has certainly happened to us.

Just take a look at this purple bathroom for starters... we thought adding a green shower curtain made it look great...

... or the red kitchen ... 

... and green basement - is it beginning to remind you of a certain December holiday or is it just me?  Our house started out with a myriad of colors.  I think the rainbow walls were a result of this being the first home either of us has ever had.  Give two twenty-somethings a paint brush and free reign and that's what you end up with.  But since we've begun painting and decorating our home, our tastes have changed - and so have the colors of our walls (and shower curtains).

Like I said, don't worry if you look at your house or apartment and say "What was I thinking?!".   Most things can be transformed with a little paint, elbow grease and patience.  We have certainly learned that lesson with our home.

When we first bought our house in 2009, it was a short sale and needed some work (and believe me 
there are still some places that need more work - like toilets that don't flush), but it's a labor of love and it's all part of transforming the house that you have into a home that you love.

I've found that the more time and energy that I put into our house, the more affectionate I am of it.  It's where we've spent our whole marriage and welcomed our son.  It's where hubby and I have sort of grown up together.  It's also where we plan to raise our children.   Affection towards a home you say?  Strange, I know, after all it just a building right?  But when that rough-around-the-edges home begins to transform into the vision you can see in your head... it's an awesome accomplishment.

Gosh we were young!

So, I guess this is just a little shout-out to our house... it's not quite where we'd like it to be, but we love the journey we're on to make it ours.  And don't fret if your first vision ends up like our purple bathroom or any of the other rainbow rooms we've had - we've had our share of mistakes bigger than bright paint colors.  They can simply be changed with a little time and energy.  You need to look past the surface of what your house is and see what it can be.  Then you're on your way to making your house a home.


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