Creating a Canvas from a Coffee Table

Creating a Canvas from a Coffee Table

We purchased an ikea coffee table about a year and a half ago for our basement that we use all of the time - it's a great place to put food, play board games and for Hunter to place his toys on.  Unfortunately all of this use really wore on the soft pine wood top.

It became covered in dents that showed the lighter wood color through.  So in order to create both a fun and functional cover, I decided to use some remaining chalkboard paint I already had in the house.

First I filled all of the dents with spackle and sanded the table top smooth.  You can see from the photo below that there were a LOT of dents.

Once that was done I used a roller to apply chalkboard paint to the top (2 coats with drying time in between).  I used a brush on the legs.

One thing I did notice was that the brush left a smooth texture, but the roller left somewhat of a texture - however, this is no problem for us since Little Man just doodles on it.

 This has been a great way to fix up our coffee table and create a fun little space for Little Man to make his drawings - or one of his favorite games, tracing his hand and then high five-ing it - oh to be nearly two!


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