ORB-ing Door Hardware

ORB-ing Door Hardware (aka "ahh the Glories of Spraypaint")

It's amazing how simple and cheap updates can make a huge impact in your home.  The past couple of weeks, I've tackled a couple of projects using existing materials in our home that make a big impact.  The first project has been ORB-ing our door hardware.  Oil Rubbed Bronze for those of you who may not be aware of "DIY Home blogger slang" - don't worry I didn't know what it was at first either.

I will warn you that if you want the best outcome, you will want to remove all hardware from the door, spray paint, then reattach.

I use Rustoleum's  Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that you can find at your local hardware store.

You can see that all of the door handles in our house are that classic, standard shiny golden bronze color.  All I can say is eww.  But why settle for standard when you can upgrade?

To your left is a photo of our pantry door in the kitchen - the one that I attempted to spray in place.  I taped all along the outside of the knob but unfortunately it left a very messy outline that I'll have to fix later with paint (as you can see to the right).

I also removed the catch on the inside of the door frame (the one that's not painted above) and painted those as well.  Our hinges are all already painted white, so I simply left those.  The remainder of the hardware I removed and then painted outside.  Here's a shot of two sets.

Once they were dry (I left them outside for about half a day) I reinstalled them in the doors.  This left a much cleaner line.  Mav even came home and said "You got new door handles!".  Well that's the effect I was going for!

Here's a shot of the bathroom and coat closet with their new hardware.  Although not a large project, and certainly not an expensive one, I think this little upgrade certainly makes a big difference.


  1. Love this project! How have they been holding up with daily wear?

    1. We sold this house a little under a year after painting these door knobs so I can't say much about long term wear beyond that, but we didn't really have any issues with the paint chipping or scratching from everyday use. But that was just the knobs. If you're planning to paint the latches, they tend to scratch from the latch rubbing against it whenever you open and close the door.


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