Painting the Ceiling White

Big Changes on a Small Budget:  Painting the Ceilings White

Another one of the projects that I've been working on is what I would call painting the things that aren't fun - like ceilings, trim, doors, but they make a huge impact.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE painting.  So much so that I don't mind changing up the colors in our house (to be fair we have lived here for about three years and some of our original color choices were... what's a nice way to put it... bold, over excited?).

When we moved into our house, the walls and ceilings were all painted a creamy off white (and it looked very dirty with scuffs and food stains in the kitchen - seriously, how do you get food on the ceiling?!).  So, when I decided to paint the kitchen gray, I also tackled the ceiling in there with a nice bright white ceiling paint.  I swear that it made our ceilings look higher (esp. next to the living room and dining/play room where the ceiling was still that off white color).  So, I've slowly been tackling each room.  Check out the color difference below.

< - That's some water damage to the ceiling that must have happened before we moved in because we haven't had any issues since... knock on wood.  Once it's all nice and spackled up I'll be able to finish up the coat of ceiling paint in the play room.


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