Playroom Update (Part One)

Playroom Update: Part One

The original purpose of our now playroom was... drum roll please... a dining room!  

Not to mention,  it was a dining room we never used.  So when Little Man came into the picture, we transformed the space into a play room.  

The dining room that was never used...
It started off with some foam floor letters and a train table, but as his collection of toys grew and began to take over the whole space, I knew it was time for an update - You can only fill so many tupperwares with toys before you begin to lose major amounts of floor space.

The makeshift playroom.
The first step was to repaint the space.  I've been slowly repainting the house (in more neutral, lighter colors).   This time I would paint the playroom and the living room the same color to create a cohesive space.

I chose Valspar's Montpelier Ashlar Gray after seeing it in a friend's house.  It is probably my favorite color in the house.  What I love most is that it is a gorgeous greige color and depending on the light will look gray or beige.

Here's an after shot with the new color in the playroom.  You can see the craziness in there (and the frog tape that's still on the ceiling)!  

This past week I had been looking at ways to create more space, storage and incorporate some sort of seating.  And then I found this awesome playroom remodel from iheart Organizing and knew that I had to do the same thing!  Check it out here.

So today I made a trip to Lowe's to pick up an area rug to create a defined area for the room and create a softer space on the ground.  To my surprise  (and excitement) Lowe's sells 5'x7' rugs for only $25.00!  My guess is they are remnants of carpet that they bind the edges of.  I snagged an awesome tan colored rug with some really interesting weaving.

Next was a trip to Ikea (which by the way is super crowded and not the place to be on a Saturday afternoon).  I purchased two Expedit bookcases.

One tall unit to use as a bench... and a square one as a tv stand.

Then when I was strolling through the store I found these awesome storage baskets for only $4.99 (called a DRONA Box)!! 

Then the fun began... assembling the ikea furniture and cleaning up the messy playroom.  
I have to say that I've assembled my fair share of ikea furniture and both of these maybe took 30 mins together (tops)!.

Here's an in progress shot after the work that was accomplished today.

I still need to rehang the pictures and create an area to hang Little Man's artwork, and make a cushion for the bench.  But I'm excited about the progress that was made in just one day and for under $200 total!


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