Playroom Re-style (Part Two): Hanging a Gallery Wall

Playroom Re-style (Part Two): Hanging a Gallery Wall

I absolutely love walls covered in frames.  It's a great way to add color and interest to a room.  It also is a great way to personalize your home... remember that great family vacation... or that time we [fill in the blank].  

In the old playroom we had the gallery wall on the side
of the room.  By moving it to the long wall, it helps
bring the living room and playroom together.
My method to the madness is to first lay it all out on the floor. Personally, I like some form of symmetry to the wall, so I start with the largest frame and place it in the middle.  

Then I start trying to fit all of the other frames around it - this usually takes a lot of moving and swapping.  I try and keep the sides somewhat symmetrical as well - I generally divide up the small and large frames to try and keep the same number on each side.  

Then, when it comes to hanging them on the wall, I simply measure.  This is only because I am incredibly impatient and don't have any wax paper that I can make a template with.

For an easier way to try and hang your frames, check out this tutorial.  CLICK HERE.  I found this tutorial on pinterest this morning.  

Despite my lack of tools to make the job easier, I think the outcome was still pretty good.  We still have to fill some of the frames (and in some cases swap out pictures), but overall I like the effect.  


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