Playroom Update (Part Three): Display Kid's Art

Playroom Update (Part Three): Display Kid's Art

Little Man started school a couple of weeks ago and since then he's come home with TONS of adorable artwork that they create at school.  What better way to display them than in his playroom.

I wanted the flexibility to change out the artwork regularly without having to put the artwork in frames. So instead I decided to use some string and small clothespins I had.

I tied a small knot on each end of the string and used a small tack to hold it into the wall.  I pulled the string tight (It will sag a little when you add the weight of the paper).

Then, simply hang up the artwork - easy as that.

I also found this adorable bird themed clothesline that you can use to hang artwork from Save-on-crafts too.  CLICK HERE.


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