Building a Bench for the Dining Room

Building a Bench for the Dining Room

Hubby and I decided that when we re-designed our dining room, we liked the idea of having chairs on one side and a bench on the other.  A bench was easier for Little Man to sit on and climb onto.  Plus we liked the look.

I considered a couple of options.  The first was to build my own bench.  That one turned out to be a disaster.  You can see it in the picture below.  It ended up caving in on itself when I moved it a couple of weeks after I built it... not my finest handiwork (plus the process of building it was very frustrating since so many screws got stripped).

After that I found out that I was using a drill instead of a tool with multiple speeds and torques - hence the stripped screws and frustration.  So, I was faced with two more options.  One was to purchase this bench from world market.

World Market Verona Bench
The second option was to try building another bench... for a cost of about $35 (for wood).  Since I like my money to go a far as possible, I decided to try building another bench.

I selected the Fancy X Farmhouse Bench plans from Ana White.  So after a trip to Home Depot for supplies I got to work and several hours later I ended up with this baby.  

It was surprisingly sturdy and even looked good (haha - after the last bench-tastrophy my expectations weren't high).

Next was filling in any screw holes with wood putty and sanding it down.  One thing I've noticed with our farmhouse table is that pieces of food get caught between the slats of wood (which can be a pain to  get out).  So I decided to fill the cracks of the bench seat with caulk to prevent that from happening on the bench (especially since I planned to paint it afterwards).

Here's a shot with holes filled and cracks caulked.  I filled in the deep knots too for a smoother finish. 

As for the finish I decided to try black satin finish spray paint from Rustoleum, with satin polycrylic on top for protection to match the dining room chairs.  

All ready for Spraypaint!

Voila!  Here is the finished beauty!  

Here's a whole shot of the dining room.  The second one includes a sneak peak at our next project.

And just for good measure (I always love before and afters).


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