Playroom Update (Part Four): Seating

Finally... the playroom is really coming together.  This weekend's project was to finish up the seating in  the playroom.  This involved a trip to Joann Fabrics and Walmart.  Yes, Walmart (I'll explain later).

First was my trip to Joann's.  This was my first time at their store and I have to say the variety and wide span of colored and patterned fabric was awesome.  I found four fabrics that I plan to incorporate into the playroom and living room.  The floral pattern will be used with the two solids in the living room.

With the yellow/green baskets and gray walls, I decided against a gray cushion for the bench, plus navy would hide stains much better.

While there, I also looked for 2" foam that I could use for the cushion and found that it would cost $32 per yard!!   That's crazy just for foam.  So, off to Walmart I went, which is where I found a 1.5" foam mattress topper for $29.99.

With my new, much cheaper foam I headed home and got straight to work. 

I began by laying out the foam mattress topper and cutting two pieces that were the width of the bench. Then I laid them on top of each other on the navy fabric.  Since I don't sew I decided to use heat fuse tape to wrap the foam with the fabric like a present.  This worked for us since you would never see the bottom side.  

I also used some fuse tape to create pillow covers with the other fabric to make the bench look more like a lounge-y seating area (more on that later).  

I have to say the cushion is VERY comfortable (yay for cheap foam mattress covers).  Plus it really brings the room together.




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