Decorating Open Shelving

Decorating Open Shelving

So, if you haven't read the post on adding open shelving, click here.

With the shelves up, now comes the fun part - setting up all of your dish ware.  We have some nice Pottery Barn Great White Dinnerware.  We received most of those items from our wedding registry (thank you family and friends - I love this dinnerware).  However, the dishes are huge!  No seriously, they're ginormous and very heavy!

Look at this monster next to a water bottle.  Awesome right?
Unfortunately their hefty size will force me to leave them in the cabinets.  However, the smaller pieces in the set will fit nicely on the shelves.

I've also found some neat little unique pieces I've included up there as well.

Check out those adorable Chinese food take out containers from Crate and Barrel.  And I love that little green teapot I won during a white elephant exchange.

These are some adorable juice carafes sold at World Market.  Those cute white stacking mugs are also a World Market find.

I'll likely add some more items as I acquire them (maybe a couple more pops of color), but this gives a good basis for the open shelves and white dishware.  Here are some full room shots.

And just for good measure... a before and after:

I think the best part about the image above is that it shows that decorating a home is process and before and afters don't happen overnight.  I think what I love the most about this room is the simplicity of it... the wood, the soft neutrals, over all it is a very calming space.


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