It's Official!

It's Official... we are now  After some serious thought about rebranding, I've decided to stick with our original name.

I spent the past couple of weeks thinking about coming up with a new name for this blog.  Why?
  1. If we ever move to a new house and it's not little or brick the title doesn't make sense right?
  2. What if we decide to blog about something else, does the title still make sense?
  3.  was not available - but there was no website attached to the domain - bummer!
  4. Was I ready to commit?!
However, despite these thoughts I decided to stick with our current name.  I don't see us moving anytime in the near future, and even if we do, this blog will have memorialized all of the work that we did in our first house... the house we "grew up" in.  What's more sentimental than that?

Actually, speaking of other names,  LBH almost became A quietTHOUGHT.

The name came from the The Call (No Need To Say Goodbye) by Regina Spektor.  I really liked the lyrics of the first verse:

It started out as a feeling
Which then grew into a hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought
Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder
'Til it was a battle cry

I really liked the idea of a quiet thought growing into something more important, but let's be honest... a little DIY home website didn't really fit that bill.  And so after consideration of that name among others, LBH stayed the Little Brick Home.

With the blog name decided on,  it was time to redesign the look and feel of the site.  In the process of developing what you might call a "brand", the site went through several banners.  Some of the previous site banners included:

As you can see, the banners get better as my ability to work with image editors improves (or at least I hope they do!).

When I developed the new logo, I played with a couple of color and design variations:

I decided that I really like the teal color, but the interest of the 2nd frame.  So came along our new banner, followed by a logo:

For bloggers out there who are looking to create a banner, I highly recommend using PIXLR (a free online image editor).  What is great is that they have several different editors, depending on your needs and skills.  You also don't need to download anything to your computer - you simply edit in the browser!  Another plus to their software.

The two versions that I use most frequently are: Advanced and Efficient.

PIXLR (Advanced) 
The Advanced version functions almost like photoshop. Actually if you've ever used photoshop you shouldn't have any problem navigating around.  You can start by opening an existing image or creating one from scratch (which you can't do in the efficient version).  For simple- intermediate photo editing, I recommend the Advanced Version.

PIXLR (Efficient)
If you're new to photo editing, or want to use a simpler tool I recommend using the Efficient Version.  This version is a little more user friendly.  It allows to you easily add text (in unique fonts), overlays, effects, etc.  However, there is very limited editing ability in this version.

For my logo, I used a combination of the two.  I liked the Efficient version for creating the text portion of my logo.

Then I placed it on the banner that I created in the Advanced Version:

I actually purchased the frame on etsy (as a package of 16 different frames) for only $5.70.  I recommend looking on etsy for inexpensive graphics that you can purchase and then manipulate to use on your site.  Click Here to View the Listing.

And Viola - I had the logo for Little Brick Home.

So, here ends the first of hopefully many more posts on


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