Reclaim Your House: Toys

As part of our Reclaim Your House series, we've decided to focus on how to reclaim your house from the clutter that can so easily accumulate and take over.  We've decided to take you along as we tackle some of the trouble areas in our home and try to share ways that you too can reclaim your house!

This past weekend we were very busy at work.  Now to say that this organization project was limited to just the playroom would be false.  It has required us to focus on several areas of the house where toys are present in abundance - namely the basement, main floor and Little Man's room.

Before this weekend, this little alcove
in the basement was literally overflowing
with toys.
We have found that as Little Man has grown we have accumulated ALOT of toys, many of which he doesn't even play with anymore.  Most of them are baby toys - which also tend to be bulky and take up more space.

Back in March we started a playroom update that helped create more seating and floor space, while also providing a great solution for storing toys.  Click Here to read more about that project.

In fact, we liked that solution so much that we decided to add another bench to create more seating and more places to hide toys.  What was a single bench went from this:

To this:

This created a lot more storage for Little Man's toys.  Next was to start going through all of his toys and begin to box up the ones he no longer uses.  those tupperwares went into our laundry room (that room is a BIG work in progress - we'll get to it later in the series).  For now, here's a snapshot of what we've accomplished so far.

I know! That room is a complete disaster - if only you knew what was hiding outside of that picture!

The best part about this storage solution is that it allows us to easily sort (and hide) Little Man's toys.  This also helps us to teach him to clean up after himself when he is done playing with something.  All he has to do is throw everything on the floor into a bucket.

We've got our stuff sorted into (from left to right): Living Things, Cars, Puzzles, Empty, Misc, Stuffed Animals, Legos, Trains and More Legos.

We've also consolidated all of his books into one spot.

We're really happy with how things are turning out in here, and how it makes it easy to clean up Little Man's things quickly (if visitors pop over).  Here's a few more shots of the room.

Thinking about organizing your children's toys or consolidating into a smaller space?  Check out our Pinterest Board titled "Reclaim Your House" for more ideas.


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