Creating a Man Cave

Creating a Man Cave

Alright, I think it's time to move our concentration away from the upstairs and take a break to look at  Mav's segment of the house: the basement.

When we first moved into our house, probably the first piece of furniture we bought was this sectional (from catnapper). Best. Purchase. Ever.  It is incredibly comfortable and for a summer when our air didn't work... it served as our bed (the longer piece is a pull out).  It's also been moved around a lot of different ways within the room.  Finally last summer we pushed the sectional against the outer walls and moved Mav's recliner down there as well.

If you ever wondered why he is called Mav, that big area rug is a huge clue!  He absolutely loves the Dallas Mavericks (and professional Basketball at that matter).  As you can tell from some of the pictures, we repainted the basement gray with Dallas Maverick Blue accent walls - unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of the basement before we started to pack up.

Here are some tips to creating a space that Mav loved.

1 - Personalize with Wall Art
In this case it was purchasing jerseys for some of Mav's favorite NBA players and putting them in jersey frames.  This was a great way to create the "basketball theme" as well as add some unique personality and colors to our walls.  We've found them at various sporting goods stores.  You may need to order jerseys for non-local teams online.  Then we framed each using jersey frames from Amazon.  Mav will also put a basketball card or jersey swatch in with the jersey for that particular player.

2 - Shelves, Shelves, Shelves
After a trip to Ikea, we found the shelves that you now see around the walls just under the ceiling.  We hung them (after having them sit in a corner for about 4 months) along most of the walls in the larger open area of the basement.  Then we purchased some mini-pendants evenly spaced them along the wall above the shelves.  This created a perfect sized nook to place a corresponding hat in.  So began my husband's NBA hat collection.  Now, he has a hat for every team except for the Clippers.

Shelves not only can hold hats, but are a great option for any kind of display item.  Plus hanging them high doesn't interfere with living space.

The coffee table is the one we painted in chalkboard paint.

3 - Area Rugs - Adding and covering color
Sure, adding color you understand, but covering?  Yes, we have quite the collection of carpet stains from food thanks to Little Man, but this Mavericks rug not only adds to the ambiance of the room but also helps cover up the majority of the stains.  Don't be afraid to use an area rug on carpet - they're not just for hard surfaces.

4 - Create a Wall Collage
Use interesting art pieces to create a wall collage.  We've used newspaper pages (from when the Dallas Mavericks won the championships in 2011).  We also have a spattering of photos, pennants, a collage of basketball cards and other memorabilia that we've used to create a neat collage in the stairwell.


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