Itching for Some Color

There's something that a can of paint on walls can do to make an impersonal cream room feel like home.  The first room I tackled was the living room/kitchen.  We decided to paint these two rooms and the entry way Montpelier Ashlar Gray from Valspar  which is the same color we used in our town house (playroom and living room).

One of the things I love about this house is the SUPER high ceilings... but that also meant that I couldn't cut in on the ceiling without a ladder.  I think the wall color is making a really big difference in this room already.

Now that we're in our "forever home", as we would call it, I have some plans to completely redo our living room in a modern more contemporary design.

We're actually hoping to purchase two sofas and have them face each other centered on the fireplace.  Then we want to mount our tv over the fireplace.  It will take a while to achieve (mainly because it's expensive to purchase all new furniture), but we're excited about all of the possibilities in this house.

This is sort of the inspiration we're going for:


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