Lazy Man's Subway Tile

Over the past year I've been working on updating our old outdated kitchen on a shoe string budget.  I'd been holding out on installing a new backsplash after I ripped out the old floral one because I wanted to install some sort of solid surface countertop.  However, now that we're moving we've decided to keep the existing countertops and install a new backsplash.  I was originally planning to install a subway tile backsplash, but with just over a week until our closing date, the thought of my first tiling job including lining up tons of little white tiles was unappealing.

Hence, what I like to call Lazy Man's Subway Tile, aka smaller subway tiles that come in 12"x12" sheets.  And for a bargain.  I found these babies at Home Depot for a little over $2.50 a sheet.

And I have to say they definitely made laying the new backsplash MUCH easier... not that I have any other tiling experience to compare it to, but lining up one sheet was so much easier than having to line up small individual tiles.  Here's how much I was able to get done in three hours.  Note: Our backsplash is a little under 25 sq ft.

Please pardon the mess - and the dark pictures.... it's almost midnight.

But, what a difference!  I'm already loving the transformation.  I am definitely using white grout given that my lines are not perfect (hey it's my first tile job).  The only thing that has been a real pain is cutting the tiles.  I bought a hand tile cutter because Home Depot blocked off the area with all of the tile tools - including tile cutters.  They were moving some inventory or something and wouldn't let me past the barrier.  So I was left with whatever the guy behind the barrier was willing to give me.

So, the spots where I need to cut tiles are mostly empty.  However, I think I can have the backsplash complete by the weekend.  Keep posted for the final reveal later this week!

Here's a "Before" and "Almost There" shot.

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  1. Hi there:any chance you will be dong a step by step tutorial? It would really fill a void out here on the Internet--we need it :)

  2. Sure! I'd be glad to share my experience and lessons learned! :)


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