Moving Day Has Come and Gone

We're back online!!  After a weekend of crazy, somewhat spontaneous moving without being connected to the rest of the world, we finally have cable and internet in our new home.

So, to catch you up.  Friday we closed AND we also moved most of the possessions in our house.  It was insane, and awesome at the same time.  To prep, we had spent all of last week staging all of our furniture on the main level of our townhouse.  Our nice clean home became this hazardous space:


And then became this empty place.

But the rush and hard work really made it worth it.  We actually made a lot of progress this weekend.  At this point we've started to place furniture in the rooms and boxes where they belong. We also played a fun game of hide and seek in the bookshelves.

Mav's dad and some of his friends also came over to start replacing all of the boards on the old deck.  It's starting to look really good.

As for the new house we have made some progress.  We moved the bookshelves that were in our living room into the dining room and used it to display our dishes and glasses.  I really like how the room is coming along. I do think however that our table needs to be elongated.  In our new dining room the 6 foot table is looking a little small.  But the exciting part is that with a larger table we'll be able to fit more people when we have guests.

Just for fun, here are some shots showing our progress from weekend number one in our new house.


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