Deck Facelift with Thompson's Waterseal

We've really been enjoying the fall weather this weekend!  I spent the morning yesterday using Thompson's Water Seal to finish off our deck.  A couple of weekends ago Mav's dad and some friends helped replace all of the boards on the deck.

You can sort of see the state of the deck before in this swimming photo.  It had never really been taken care of and came looking like this when we bought the house.

The new boards were making a big difference.

We used Thompson's water seal in natural cedar which gave the wood a gentle tint.  I think it turned out awesome!  Look at our results!

I simply brushed on the finish using a paint brush (with the grain of the wood).  What's great about the water seal is that it helps protect your wood surface from water damage.

Check it out here!

What we loved about this finish is that it still showed the natural beauty of the wood.


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