New Furniture to Fit our Space

Things have been so crazy here lately that I haven't even been able to get a post in for a while.  But today I'd like to share a little something exciting that we did this weekend... we bought a new sectional for the living room.

Here's a shot of the newest member of our household on the furniture store floor.  This model includes a chase (which we opted out of and instead purchased a very long couch piece to put on the side).  We decided to order the charcoal color shown on the floor as well.

At first glance this sectional may look just like any other sectional, but let me tell you, we looked at and sat on A LOT of sectionals and this one (although a little pricier) was the most comfortable.  We expect the first piece to be in at the end of October and the second sometime in November.  Let me just say that we (mostly me though) are super excited to get this beauty into our living room.

I've also spent the past two weekends enlarging our farmhouse table.  You may remember it from our townhouse.

It was a perfect fit for our dining room (almost like it was built for the space ;) ).  But in our new space, the 3'x6' tabletop was looking very underwhelming.

So, we decided to enlarge the table top and elongate the base to accommodate a 4'x8' table.   This also required additional support under the table top since it would be so much wider.  

Ignore the scrap wood and old tabletop in the background...

I added a 2x4 underneath the tabletop to support the larger pieces of wood.

The new table fits the space MUCH better.  Now all we need is more chairs. :)

I have to say, making some progress helps make our house feel a little more like home.

Click here to read more about when we first built the table.


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