The Kitchen Remodel is FINALLY Complete!

Happy Labor Day!  Now that we're out of our townhouse, the kitchen is finally complete... just in time for someone else to enjoy.  But it was fun updating it along the way. :)

As part of the kitchen/dining room update we did a series of projects over the course of a year and a half that include:
  • Re-staining Kitchen Cabinets (link)
  • Adding Moulding to the Cabinets (link)
  • Painting the Laminate Countertops (link)
  • Replacing the Backsplash with Subway Tile (link)
  • Painting the Room Gray
  • Adding Open Shelving in the Dining Area (link)
  • Swapping out the Lighting in Both Rooms 
  • Building a Farmhouse Table and Bench (link & link)
  • Creating Curtains from Dropcloths

So, to celebrate the completion of this long project, here are some pictures to celebrate the kitchen's completion!  (This is a long post, but don't worry it's all pictures from here on out)

Here's the picture that links the two rooms together -
to the left is the dining area, the right the kitchen.


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