The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

With four thanksgiving meals under our belt, and one week of December already past, we are ready to focus on the best holiday of the year... Christmas!  But before we do that, we can't help but share an exciting opportunity we had over Thanksgiving weekend.

This year, Mav and I took to a day trip Atlanta to watch the Atlanta Hawks play the Dallas Mavericks - and we met Dominique Wilkins (Basketball Hall of Fame and current commentator for the Hawks).  Just ignore our nerdy smiles.  :)  It was kind of surreal.

Plus we got to see the Mavs play from front row seats on the court.  Check out this photo of Dirk shooting (no zoom).  It was amazing.  We could hear what the Mavs were saying on the court because WE WERE RIGHT THERE!! Like I said, it was an amazing experience.  However it was unfortunate that Jose Calderon hurt his ankle.

Needless to say it was quite a Thanksgiving weekend.  We even ventured out to Target with Little Man on Thursday night just to see the deals (didn't actually buy anything though).

One of our family Christmas traditions is putting up the tree Thanksgiving weekend.  Turns out that Little Man LOVES Christmas trees.  This year we started a new tradition.  Little Man's pop gave him his own little tree for his bedroom... let's just say that we may have to turn it on every morning and admire his favorite ornaments and blue lights in the star his star.   Then we proceed to playing hide and seek behind the tree.  It's awful adorable!

We call this one his "Where's Waldo" shot.
Can you spot the baby?

We also set up some of our other decorations.  What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?


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