Bathroom Update on a Budget

You would be amazed that with very little money you can completely change the look and feel of a room.  Here are some inexpensive ways to quickly and drastically change the look of any bathroom.

We used a lot of these tips when we updated the upstairs hall bathroom in our townhouse.  Below is about the only before photo I have of this bathroom.  Mainly because we never used it until Little Man came around.  Yuck right?!  Well, here are some tips that we used to turn that nasty looking bathroom into something a little easier on the eyes (and budget).

Here's a before shot.

And here's an after.


There's just something that a new coat of paint can do in a room that nothing else can.  In here I decided that stripes would be a fun way to use colors of paint that I already had to create a look that was different than any other room in our house.


If you're looking to add more light and update the look of your bathroom, a good way to do so is to swap out the lighting.  In here we went from a builder grade plastic fixture to an inexpensive brushed nickel one.  It made a huge difference and really brightened the room up.


If you have a plain glass mirror, you can use moulding to create a frame without taking out the existing one.  Plus, with only a couple of dollars worth of wood, you can take your mirror from bland to polished.  You can also find cheap mirrors at stores like Marshall's and Home Goods.


Obviously you can completely replace your vanity, but if that's not your cup of tea, you can revamp your vanity with paint and a little moulding.  In this bathroom we painted the dingy vanity white and added hardware.  You can also change the look of your vanity with moulding like we did on the main floor of our townhouse.  It can take you from this...

To this...

Read more about the transformation and how you can achieve the same look here:  Vanity Upgrade


In this bathroom we swapped out the toilet (only because it leaked) as well as the faucet.  Unfortunately we moved before we got to the flooring.  However, I think that if we were to replace the flooring I really wanted to try groutable vinyl tile like this one from Frugal Family Times (Click Here for Link).

We did something similar in our basement bathroom using vinyl wood planks and loved the result.  Click here to read more about that project.


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