Great Big What?!

You're seeing that right... it's an enormous canvas print.  I love how the living rooms in the Restoration Hardware catalog have these huge prints over the couches.  To imitate that look, I found this artist that I LOVE.  Michael Tompsett designs world maps for literally anyone.  From abstract art like paint splatter maps to global maps made from flowers, dinosaurs and other items.  Check out his collection here:  Michael Tompsett.  The particular map we selected is actually a world map where the continents are made out of the letters of major cities.  Here's a closer look.

I loved that this piece had a sort of antique look to it, but with a twist that adds interest.  It's sure to be a piece that people will talk about.  Plus, there's bound to be at least one city on there that every person can relate to.

Grat Big Canvas offers an option to order your canvas with a floating frame which was what we selected to make it stand out a little more.  For reference, this canvas is 48" x 60" - almost as big as me in width!  They offer coupon codes so that you can get their items at a pretty decent discount.  We got ours for 30% off.  We really love how it adds warmth to the room and fills that big empty space.


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