Product Tuesday: Ikea STENSTORP Kitchen Island

Product: IKEA Stenstorp Kitchen Island
Rating:  5 out of 5
Review: I know, 5 out of 5 is awfully high for an Ikea piece of furniture.  But I guarantee you this piece deserves it.  We bought this island shortly after we moved into our townhouse because our big open kitchen was lacking in counter space.  We placed it in between the kitchen and dining room.  This piece is made of solid wood, has a butcher block top and stainless steel shelves.  For ikea (and I've had a lot of of ikea furniture) could fool you.  The quality is top notch and it has help up to a lot of "love".  What is great about the butcher countertop is that you can sand it to give it a fresh look along with some wood conditioner.  The stainless steel shelves are very sturdy.  We piled a lot of heavy serving dishes and it never budged. What we loved about this island is that it provided counter space, storage and seating all in one.  If you have a small space and are in need of some additional seating and storage, I highly recommend this piece.
Get the Look:  They now sell this island in white and black at your local Ikea store.  Click Here.


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