Dining Room Ponderings

Since we've made a lot of changes in our living room, I've been wanting to focus on the other half of our house.  Unfortunately making over a room can be kind of expensive and will take some time to do.  However, here are some ideas I have to add a little more flair to the room.

Here is what the room looks like now.  It's not terrible, just kind of bland.  If you remember in our last house, we had curtains, a glass bell chandelier and shelves on the wall that displayed dish ware (gosh I loved those shelves).

Dining Room in our old house.
Here we repurposed the bookshelves that used to be in the living room to display our dishes.  I still need to work on how everything is displayed, but I do like the idea of having all of our dishes on display.

Redesign One:

In this first design, we focus on maintaining a gray and black palette.  Some the bookshelves would be reused and the table and chairs would remain the same.  I think adding some patterned curtains would add some interest to the room.  I also think that adding some sort of buffet like surface would be nice to put food on and would also be decorative (for vases, etc).  Plus what I like about the drawers is that you can put silverware, table cloths and other items that don't display as well on shelves.  Plus adding a mirror adds visual interest and reflects light.  However, one of the issues with this design, is that with the dresser and two bookshelves, the display would take up most of the wall (and potentially look too large for the room).

Sources:  Curtains  l  Chandelier  l  Dresser  l  Mirror

Redesign Two:

This design is definitely influenced by spring!  However, I think the design could easily last year round.  This redesign would introduce white or linen curtains, two end chairs with some sort of pattern and a restoration hardware style chandelier.  It maintains a lot of the same items that exist in the room (chairs, table and display case).  However, I think I'd like to purchase two more glass doors for the center section (to help mitigate dust).

Sources:  Chairs  l  Curtains  l  Chandelier

Redesign Three:

The third design is influenced by the design of our old dining.  I really love the look of the open industrial shelves with the glasses and white dinnerware on display.  I'd like to include light white airy curtains as well.  Just from this poorly photoshopped image, I already like how much more open the room looks with the open shelving.  The only thing that makes me nervous is whether or not this design is a little too industrial or rustic for the rest of our house.  I like the West Elm capiz chandelier because I think it softens the room.  I really think I'm leaning toward this design, but we'll see.

Sources:   Chandelier  l   Curtains   l  Shelves


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