Sprucing Up the Deck - With Furniture

Today my hands are covered in cuts, stain and splinters - but it's worth it.  I am nearly finished with four of the eight pieces I am constructing for our outdoor sectional.  Yay!

Here's a teaser.

The plans are from Ana-white and imitate the West Elm Wood Slat Sectional (click here).  Click Here for the plans from Ana-White.

This project all started with a visit to Ikea believe it or not.  We went to pick up a table and some chairs that I had found online.  We purchased the square ÄPPLARÖ table.  I was originally looking at the rectangular one, until I saw it in person.  It was tiny!!  But for only $20 more, we decided to go with the square table.  We also picked up four of the corresponding folding chairs, that were surprisingly sturdy and comfortable (excuse the mess).

Eventually we'd like to  purchase two of the benches that come in the set for two of the sides.  While we were there, we also spotted this really nice looking sectional (in the same furniture series).  But after doing a stability test, we decided that we didn't think the quality would last - especially for the price.  So when I got home, I decided to look into the plans to build our own sectional.  I have to say, Ana's plans were so easy to follow and I love the progress we've made so far.  The stain color you see is Early American from Varathane.  Right now there is only one coat of stain.  I plan to apply a second coat, and then a weather resistant top coat.  The plan was to find a color that coordinated with the new table and chairs.

For the cushions, we purchased these ones from Target (click here) and we plan to purchase the matching back pillows (they aren't in stock in our store).  Here are some more shots of the progress.

Ignore the fact that the section at the left is about two inches higher - I need to trim down the legs and reattach… oops. :)


  1. Hi! Love the blog. How long did it take to put together the Applaro table?!

    1. Not very long at all - I'd say maybe 30 minutes. The top came in two pieces and there were the four legs. The only "con" was that one of the legs had a screw hole that wasn't quite deep enough. But I just used a drill to make it a couple of centimeters deeper and it went together pretty easily after that. We really like it so far!


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