Kitchen Inspiration

One good thing about pregnancy insomnia is that the number of waking hours you have is expanded exponentially… unfortunately it means that all of your waking hours are just that much less productive.  But it all comes with the territory of expecting a new little blessing!

So, with my inability to sleep, a couple of nights ago while sitting in my kitchen eating cookies, I decided to start planning a kitchen overhaul - that would unfortunately need to wait until I could paint - aka after baby is born.  But, nevertheless the planning phase could begin.  I am really loving the look of  kitchens with white or gray cabinets.  I've included an inspiration image below.

Check out a Well Dressed Home for my inspiration kitchen
Sources: Curtains,  Chair,  Table, Light
To start, I've been looking at pendants to go over our kitchen table.  I've narrowed it down to five different styles.  I really liked the look of the pottery barn rustic glass bell pendant (3) that we had in our townhouse, but I'm not sure that I want to do the same thing in our new space that I did in our last.  Plus, the kitchen and living room are open to one another in our new house so these rooms need to be more cohesive.

Sources:  1 - Glint Pendant Light    2 - Classic Metal Bell   3 - Rustic  Glass Pendant    

Here's a shot of our kitchen before we moved in.  You can see the awesome light fixture in the top right of the photo below… that's the one that I'm looking to replace.  Gosh - it's a sea of yellow wood and cream in there!!  

Since moving in, we've painted the walls Valspar's Montpelier Ashlar Gray and added a kitchen table, chairs, and curtains.  Below is a photo pre-table (and a little messy) with the paint on the walls.

And here's a shot of the table and chairs.

The table was a splurge:  Pottery Barn's Tivoli Fixed Pedestal Table.  When we were looking at kitchen tables, it was between this one and West Elm's Arc Base Pedestal Table - which has a little more of a modern look to it.  One thing I liked about the Pottery Barn table was the real wood finish and that it already looked beat up (so kiddos would just add to the "design").

The chairs are from (Safavieh Loire Grey Linen Chairs) but look similar to Pottery Barn's Hayes Chair.  I love the look of upholstered chairs, but didn't want to spend the money on Pottery Barn chairs just to have them get ruined by grimy little hands.  So far, they've held up pretty well.  I've had to do some minor cleaning to get off spilled gatorade and ice cream, but the chairs have held up and cleaned up pretty well.


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