Putting the "Work" in Yard Work

There is definitely a reason that yard work is called "work".  We moved into our house last August and were busy to trying to sell another one during the fall, so we never really got around to doing any landscaping at our new house.  So, when we started this spring, we ended up with a large bed that was full of weeds, dirt and only some leftover brown mulch.

So, we picked up some black mulch and  plants to spruce it up a bit.  Unfortunately, I don't have a good before picture other than this one.

Little Man and I started digging holes Friday night - meaning he played in the yard while I dug holes.    Virginia clay is painful to work with!  Seriously that stuff is thick!  But once the plants were in, it made a huge difference!! Here's an in process shot.  This morning we started mulching.

Here's an after… we are so excited with how it turned out.  It looks so much cleaner and we love the color of the plants and flowers against the black mulch.


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