Adding Hardware to the Vanity

It's been sort of a new experiment working on the kids bathroom upstairs because in a lot of ways it has been a dry run for the DIY kitchen remodel we're planning later this year.  One of the perks of a delayed remodel is having the time to really plan and think about what you really want your finished space to look like.

For example, had I not been pregnant I may have painted the kitchen cabinets on a whim - and would have deeply regretted it.  Actually, there were a couple of nights where I definitely would have painted them!  But now that I've been forced to delay projects that require the use of products with fumes (aka paint and polycrylic), I've been able to take a step back and really put a plan in place for what is probably the most used room in our home - next to our living room.

After selecting the stain color for the cabinets (Rustoleum's Carrington), I wanted to explore some hardware options.  When you search for kitchens with dark wood, you generally come across modern, stainless steel bar handles, which are beautiful, but, I don't think they're the right style for our space - especially since we know that our cabinets and countertops will be dark.

Amazon carries these great bulk options for cabinet pulls that we've been looking into (especially now that we've just become Amazon Prime members - free 2 day shipping is awesome!).  I started to explore a couple of options and narrowed it down to these options.

Source: 1   2   3   4   

I knew that I wanted handles for the doors, and they had to be something more than just the round pulls for the drawers.  I really liked how the cupped hardware added some character and bulk.  Ultimately I decided on 1 and 4 to use on our cabinets.  I like the simple yet elegant character of the first pull - it looks sophisticated without being too ornate.  As for the drawer pulls, I decided to go with the oblong cupped hardware.  I think that the normal round shape looked a little more farmhouse or cottage chic and the oblong shape looked a little bit more traditional.

Check out how awesome they look against the dark cabinets!  They feel heavy too - the only con I've encountered was that the screws that come with the hardware strip pretty easily, but I was able to get them to cooperate by using a phillips screwdriver instead of a power screwdriver.

Even little hands like them... :)

These will be great to replace our kitchen cabinet hardware with.  Check out what we've got in our kitchen now... You may not want to look - it's pretty nasty.  And I mean literally nasty - these are the cabinets above the microwave.  They are seriously in need of some TLC.  They came this way when we bought the house.

Plus, you can't beat the price.  I got the set of 25 handles for the doors for $44.25 (that's $1.77 each) and the drawer pulls came in a pack of 10 for $27.95 ($2.80 per pull).  For the weight and quality, they were a bargain!!


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