New Lighting in the Kitchen - Glint Pendant

The deliberations have ended!  We've purchased and installed a new light fixture in the kitchen!  There is just something I absolutely LOVE about glass pendants… don't ask me what, but they really bring warmth to a space.

So, after much deliberation I decided to purchase Crate and Barrel's Glint Pendant for over the kitchen table.  I have to say, when it came in the mail I was initially shocked at the size.  Immediately I thought it would be much too big for the space, but after holding it over the table, I realized that it would be the perfect addition.

What a beauty!!  It has this antique greenish tint to it that Mav actually really likes (yay - that's always a good sign).  Plus, I love the tiny air bubbles in the glass to add texture.

This weekend, it took two phases to get it up on the ceiling - mainly because our breaker box isn't labeled well so I need to turn off everything labeled lighting to save time - which also turns off the tv and other electronics that Mav and Little Man use during the day.  So I needed to wake up early to to do the hardwiring.

The first step was to anchor a small hook in the ceiling above the table.  The light fixture that is currently in place is centered in the room.  With the sectional, it's sort of a strange place for us to put our table because it would block off the walkway.  We prefer to place the table off center, under the window.  The hook allows us to hang the light over the table without having to move the light box in the ceiling.  Here's a shot with both lights hanging over the table.

One thing I love about this fixture is exactly what you see above - depending on the lighting it takes on a mirror -like effect.

The second stage was hooking up the electricity - which in and of itself wasn't difficult.  The hardest part was getting the ceiling medallion to mount to the electric box.  Thank goodness the actual light was hanging from a hook or I may have lost a fuse there ;).  One downside of the light is that the wire is somewhat difficult to work with (when shortening it) and you can't shorten the chain at all.

Nevertheless, now it's up and I love it!! I'm so glad to have that original light fixture gone.  I think it makes such a big difference in the room.


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