A Light with Attitude!

I don't think that it's possible to over emphasize what a difference something as small as a light fixture can make in a room.  Light fixtures are one of my FAVORITE home items (along with glasses, dish ware and blankets).  We found that in our last dining room, the large glass bell pendant really helped tie the room together, and that was the same effect we were going for in our new dining room.

When we first moved in, we started out with this gold colored builder basic chandelier that I spray painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint (read more here).

But even with some of the changes we made to the dining room, it still felt kind of bland.  So I kept looking for something to give the room some oomph and came up with a slightly different design.

Last week I shared with you the inspiration photo below (that I am in love with).  You know that feeling when you see something and know that's how it should be?  When I saw this light fixture and the bolder colors on the walls in the dining room below I knew that's what I wanted the dining room to look like.

So, I added some DIY abstract art (you can read more about that here) that incorporated some of the colors I like into the room.

Today, we made a huge step - I installed my new Crate and Barrel Hoyne Pendant Lamp - and it is everything I hoped it would be and more.  Seriously, this light is enormous and absolutely gorgeous!!  Not only that, but I feel like it's perfect for the space.  It adds a touch of modern without clashing with  the transitional style in the rest of the room and house.

Next will be to select the new paint colors (which won't go up until after baby girl arrives in August/September).  I'll share some of my thoughts on those with you later this week.

What changes have you been making in your home?  Is there one item that a room can't do without?


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