DIY Abstract Art

Maybe I'm naive or maybe I'm just really bad at art (flashback to middle school art class)... ok it's the latter.  But I thought that creating abstract art that I liked would be simple.  I mean come on, how hard could drawing a bunch of scribbles and lines on a canvas be.  Right?

This weekend I spent some time with one of my very good friends and fell in love with the decor in her apartment (let's say it looks like it came out of a crate and barrel magazine).  So I started thinking of ways that I could incorporate some of that into our home.  I have been thinking about repainting the dining and "formal" living room for some time now (I was never in love with the light blue - it came out much lighter on the walls).  So I've been toying with some wall color ideas.  I really like the idea of a dark blue gray color but I'm not sure if painting every wall that dark color would be overkill.  So the thought would be to paint one wall in each room the darker color and then paint the other three walls a whiter color that corresponds with the Montpelier Ashlar gray on the rest of the main floor.

So here's a poorly compiled "photoshopped" image to give you an idea of what I'm thinking.

I really love Crate and Barrel's Hoyne Lamp and I was thinking that some sort of abstract art and a centerpiece bowl with some metallic tone would really spice the room up.  I saw this really cool abstract art tutorial online from Burlap and Lace and decided that I wanted art just like it in my dining room.

She made it looks so easy I figured I could imitate it too!  So I went to Michaels today to pick up some 16x20 canvases and acrylic paint.  I decided that since our wall is sort of long I would try to do something similar but with three canvases.  So I started by lining the three canvases up and drawing a curvy line across them so that I could have one solid design that leapt from one canvas to another.

Then I brushed out from the line on either side to create some rough edges, but it came out like this... this picture speaks louder than words.

So I thickened up the line a bit and added some paint splatters, but once all was said and done Mav and I didn't like it very much at all.

So it was back to the drawing board...

This time I decided to try something a little less structured and began with random brush strokes in a light gray, then dark gray, then pearl, and blended the edges together.  The results of this piece was MUCH better!

I think I need to either paint the edges black or create some sort of frame, but I think the results definitely weren't as bad as my first attempt.  I think I kind of like them.

To salvage my first three canvases I decided to play around with some of the other paints I had left and I ended up with these.  I feel like the gold and black ones are a little bland but before doing anything else I figured I'd sleep on it.  Seeing it on the screen now makes me think that maybe
I could paint a moon on the top right of the right canvas (the black looks like a forest line and the gold is a night sky?).

Or maybe I could turn them on their sides...

This last canvas was actually kind of fun.  I just poured out the last little bit of paint from the bottle onto the canvas. 

So, I've learned that abstract art is harder than it looks, but I did have fun painting.  We'll see if any of these will make their way onto the walls or not.  Have you had any successes or failures with attempting DIY art?


  1. Love it. Might try that myself, thx for sharing!


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