What to do for a Backsplash?

Planning to update the kitchen later this year has given me time to slowly explore design options.  With a plan in place for refinishing the cabinets and putting in black granite countertops, I've now started looking at backsplash tile ideas.  Most of the main floor of our house is painted Montpelier Ashlar Gray by Valspar - my favorite paint color by far.  It's a warm gray that can accommodate both tans/browns and grays without clashing.  So, the last major design aspect to select would be the backsplash tile - what I would almost consider the bling of the kitchen.

Remember, this is my inspiration shot.

First, I'm going to share a fear with you about this kitchen update.  I'm afraid that when I'm done it will just look sort of blah... Which is why I feel like the backsplash can really make or break this kitchen.  I don't want it to be too much, but it can't be so dull that it just fades into the background.  Is this crazy talk or does any else understand what I'm getting at?

I've been browsing through backsplash tile options (hundreds and hundreds of tile options) and I really like the options below.  I'm leaning towards a gray/greige color for the backsplash tile - like this backsplash.  I'm not a fan of beige and as much as I love gray, I don't know if a gray backsplash will make the walls look too brown. I will say though that I love marble backsplashes!  Let's call the samples below "inspiration" selections.

1 - Legno Medley Corinth: Source
2 - Legno Large Herringbone: Source
3 - Tempesta Neve Tumbled Brookfield with Grey Dot: Source
4 - Bedrosians Manhattan Platinum Glass Mosaic Subway Tile: Source
5 - Serene 3x12 Mosaic Glass Subway Tile: Source
6 - Oriental Sculpture Marble Herringbone: Source
       Black Galaxy Granite: Source

I was pretty set on a marble subway tile or herringbone pattern  tile until I saw this picture on Pinterest.  Unfortunately, I can't find the source anywhere!  Or the tile!  So I spent many nights googling and searching and then found these beauties from Bodesi:

They're a gorgeous greige, hand painted glass subway tile.  I love the color variation and think it adds so much interest.  Plus glass tiles can reflect light, which is great if you have dark counters and cabinets.  The only problem... I can't find it in stock anywhere!! Not even on Amazon!  Seriously?

But in all fairness, I wouldn't order enough for the backsplash until I actually saw it in person. I think ultimately I'm leaning towards a Herringbone pattern just to add interest.  Like I said, I don't want something that will be too dull, but I'm not completely sold.  What do you think?  Is herringbone too much of a fad, or will it still look classy in 5 years? 10 years?


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