Budget Kitchen Renovation: Nearing completion for Section One

Budget Kitchen Renovation: Nearing Completion for Section One

Last weekend, we started to make some more progress on section one of the budget kitchen remodel we've started.

Here's what we've got checked off of our to do list now for the cabinet frames.

Sand Doors
- Drill holes for new hardware
- Sand drawer fronts and cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to outside edges of cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to base of the frames (i.e. feet to make more furniture-like)
- Apply one coat of gel stain
- Apply two coats of Carrington stain
- Apply 3 coats of some kind of poly

It turns out that the frames and drawer fronts didn't sand as well as the door frames, but when using gel stain you actually don't need to to sand all the way down to the bare wood. For the drawer fronts I needed to sand off the dirt and grime that had accumulated as well as the finish.  After sanding everything I wiped it down with bleach wipes (it's probably not good for the wood, but I felt like it cleaned everything well).

Then I applied a coat of General Finishes gel stain in Antique Walnut with a foam brush.  It already started to make a big difference!

After that dried, I could apply the regular stain (Rustoleum's Carrington) using a small craft paint brush.

The second coat was good for touch-ups.

I'll be holding off before applying any poly, so for now I installed the new hardware once the frames were dry.

In the meantime, I also started on the doors.

Once the doors were dry, I installed the new hardware and hung them.   Section one is nearly complete!

Here's our progress ( I seriously need to get a better camera):

I haven't decided what I want to do with the sides and bottoms yet in terms of trim.  I know I want to add trim and some sort of feet to the cabinets, but I've discovered a couple of options and haven't decided which one to use yet.  

What do you think?  Have you added feet or decorative moulding to your cabinets before?  Do you have any lessons learned?


  1. I am about to redo kitchen cabinets. Found your blog while researching General Finishes. Your blog is the BEST! I've found! Thanks for the detailed info. Have you found that the finish is durable and hold up well?


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