Can I Claim Temporary Insanity?!

I believe that if you are 9 months pregnant, then you should be able to claim temporary insanity, which gives you the immunity to do crazy things without anyone questioning or judging your actions.  I say this because my husband was certainly thinking that I'd lost it tonight when some crazy nesting instinct kicked in.  However, the plus side is that not only is the main floor cleaned and decluttered, I also got the curtains up in the playroom.  Here's a little peak.
They're not ironed yet, and I'm not quite sure how I feel about the white.  I think I need to wait until we decide on a final color for the walls as to whether these will remain plain white, or if we'll take on a little project to add some color to them.

But seriously, I am so ready for this baby girl to be born!

I've also got some changes going on in the kitchen (normally I'd say it's because I'm the most impatient person in the world - but for today I get to use the "pregnancy brain" excuse right?).  I've divided the kitchen into three manageable areas for the cabinet portion of our budget remodel.

I decided to start with the bottom cabinets since the doors are smaller (meaning I could finish them faster and feel like I was making more progress).  Next would be the uppers on the right side of the kitchen.  Our top cabinets are about 42" high so the doors will take much longer to sand than the bottom doors did.

As for section 3, I'm considering taking out the two left most cabinets and installing one large floor-to-soffit cabinet to be a second pantry (since ours is so tiny).  I have to stop by the local Habitat Restore to see if they have any cabinets that look like they will match the ones in our kitchen.  But since that will require the most work, I've decided to leave that section for last.

Here's a little peak at the status of section one.  These doors are seriously ugly in this middle stage, but they are 1000x cleaner!!  I cannot even begin to tell you the layers of gunk that I had to scrape off each door frame before I could even start sanding!! But they are going to be so beautiful and clean when they're all done.

Still to do to complete section one:

- Sand Doors
- Drill holes for new hardware
- Sand drawer fronts and cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to outside edges of cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to base of the frames (to make more furniture-like)
- Apply one coat of gel stain
- Apply two coats of Carrington stain
- Apply 3 coats of some kind of poly

Although I've only got one thing marked off of my list, it was probably the most time consuming portion.  Whenever I walk into our kitchen now I take a look at the island and I'm, so excited for the final results of the cabinets with the granite and backsplash all installed - I can see it all in my head but boy will it be awesome when it's all complete.

What kinds of projects have you done to update your kitchen or home?  Do you like to break it into smaller sections to feel like you're making more progress?  Do you have any techniques to attack a project?


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