Budget Kitchen Renovation: Adding Moulding to Sides of Base Cabinets

We are moving right along with section one of our budget kitchen remodel.  Earlier this week we showed you how you can use moulding to add feet to your base cabinets to make them look more custom.

Today we're going to check off one more item on our checklist:

Sand Doors
- Drill holes for new hardware
- Sand drawer fronts and cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to outside edges of cabinet frames
- Add decorative moulding to base of the frames (i.e. feet to make more furniture-like)
- Apply one coat of gel stain
- Apply two coats of Carrington stain
- Apply 3 coats of some kind of poly

For those with exposed cabinet sides, I'll now show you how to carry the same feet that you applied to the front of your cabinet frames, to the side of the cabinet.  Here's the finished product:

Here are the supplies we used:

- trim moulding (from cabinet feet) - click here for info on adding feet
-  8 pieces of trim wood- 1/4" x 3" x 48"
- caulk
- sand paper
- Mitre saw
- wood glue
- painter's tape
- finishing materials of your choice (i.e. paint, stain, poly) and applicator (i.e. paint brush)

First, add four pieces of 1/4"x 3" wood to the edges of the cabinet frame.  You can secure with wood glue  (or construction adhesive if you prefer).

Next, apply the trim moulding that you used when you installed the cabinet feet to the bottom (mitre the corners).

Last, we need to add some wood beneath the trim moulding, but we don't need to worry about cutting out any feet with a jigsaw.  I simply cut and fit a piece of 3"wood and glued/taped (see below).

Fill any gaps with caulk, smooth and let dry.  Once you are satisfied with the results, finish as desired (paint, poly, etc.).

Voila! You now have base cabinets that look custom without breaking the bank!


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