Budget Kitchen Renovation: Section Two Progress

I know things have been a little quiet here on the blog lately and that's because my days have been filled with these two cuties!

When I do find a couple of free moments, I've slowly been making progress on section two of our budget kitchen remodel.

Here's the checklist for section two (still plenty more to do - not to mention the base cabinets still need poly):

Sand Doors
- Drill holes for new hardware
- Add decorative moulding to outside edges of cabinet frames
- Apply one coat of gel stain
- Apply two coats of Carrington stain
- Apply 3 coats of some kind of poly

What is unique about our kitchen is that our upper cabinets are 42" high, where standard cabinets are 36" high.  That equates to more storage space for us (which I love).  It also meant that it took longer to sand these cabinets.  Not to mention they were much grimier than the lowers.

However, all of the staining is complete and here's the result with the new stain!

I just love it!  For these doors, I stained them out on our deck and used two 1x4's to create a stand for them to lay on.  Working only a couple of hours at a time (during naps), it took a couple of weeks to complete.

I have to say, when I put up a couple of the completed doors onto the old cabinets, I was a little nervous about the final result...

Sometimes I find that DIY projects look worse before they get better - but keep faith and press on towards that final result.  The cabinet frames were completed much more quickly than the doors.  I found it was easiest to use a drop cloth and painter's tape to cover the counter tops and appliances to keep stain from dripping on them (I encountered more splatter than drips on the drop cloth).

You can see below that I still have section three to complete, but I also have to add the moulding to section two before the "bones" can be said to be complete.  As of right now the backs of all of the doors are still the original color as we'll (still to be stained, but I figured I'd get the fronts complete and then move onto the backs).

Here's a couple more shots just for fun!  You can see the color variation in the stain depending on the lighting-  sometimes it has a reddish hue and other times a dark cool almost espresso brown hue.


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