DIY West Elm Inspired Art

I was browsing the West Elm website and fell in love with this piece of art - the colors, the simplicity, but not for $150 each.  So I decided to attempt to make my own version and you can do the same thing.  Here are the supplies I used.

- Drawing Paper
- Two paint brushes (one small and one larger) with a rounded tip
- Craftsmart paint in Gray and Granite
- square frame with a matte (optional)

The design was actually very easy to create.  I used a smaller brush for the inner portion of the circle and the larger brush for the outside.  I simply used the brushes to create dots in a circle.  Switch between the dark granite, light gray and a combination of both colors to create a random color pattern.

See how the colors vary below.

Unfortunately I am not very good at creating dots in a perfect circle.  In order to remedy that issue, I placed the matte over the art to create clean lines.

  Below is the finishes product!  For a fraction of the cost, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome!  If you are better at creating a perfect circle than I am - or at least one that looks less like an oval - you can omit the matte.

Have you created any knock off art or projects?


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