Kitchen Faucet Swap Gone Awry

If I ever say that I am considering going into the plumbing profession, someone please slap me back to reality.  The most frustrating DIY projects I have done have been related to plumbing.  One of the first projects I did was swap out a sink and we ended up having to pull the whole sink off of the wall to replace it.  In all fairness it was wall mounted and very difficult to get to the plumbing to swap out the faucet.  There may have been some tears involved in that experience...

Since then my skills have improved a little (I've even swapped out a toilet successfully).  However, this past week we've encountered a frustrating project.  Our kitchen sink faucet started to leak, and I mean REALLY leak... if you moved the faucet neck it would pour out water and it was dripping constantly!

Here's the nice (or rather nasty looking) before picture of our sink.  Note the very modern faucet - which I say as facetiously as possible.

We decided to swap out the faucet and found this really nice Moen faucet that was affordable.  However we couldn't get the old faucet out!  It turned out that we would need to take out the whole sink in order to replace it due to some strange plumbing fixtures that were attached to the pipes.  However, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new top mount sink since I want to install an undermount sink when I put in new countertops in the next year (hopefully).

We were out a kitchen sink for a couple of days but enlisted some help from Mav's dad this weekend.

Fortunately, Lowe's sells a very inexpensive stainless steel sink that was almost exactly the same as the one we were ripping out.  The most painful part was getting the old sink out and everything disconnected.  There was even an old water filtration tank and spicket that had black gunk coming out of it.  Yuck!

However, once everything was out, we had the new sink and faucet in quickly (I only had to do the faucet - which was a breeze to install!).  :)

Installing the new sink...
I am in love with the result!  Although the sink is just a temporary fix it looks so much nicer than what we had before - it's so shiny and new!  Plus the faucet can be reinstalled when we put in a new sink and countertops.  Here's a nice little after.


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