Little Man's Bedroom Progress

I feel like lately we really haven't made much progress in the house at all.  For a while there I was going full speed and I think I let the engine burn little too hot.  However, we do have some progress being made in Little Man's room.  Does he sleep in there by himself yet?  Of course not... but it's awful fun to decorate.  :)

Earlier this year I bought the Pottery Barn Kids Catalina bed to match his dresser, both in Sun Valley Espresso.  The quilt set is also Pottery Barn Kids Junior Varsity.

The room is not quite done, but making progress.  The first step was to move some of the excess furniture out to open up more floor space for playing.  It also makes the room look larger.

The walls are painted Valspar's Notre Dame (gray) and Valspar's Indigo Streamer.  I love the blue accent wall.  It gives the room interest, but doesn't make it too dark.  It also plays off the navy floor length curtains on the opposite wall.

The items left for this room include:

- incorporate some sort of shelving on the walls
- add a large piece of art on the wall over the long side of the bed
- add an area rug?
- putting pictures in the empty picture frames

Any other thoughts or ideas to take this room from "eh" to "eh"-mazing?


  1. Really an exhaustive article If one could follow, appreciated!

  2. excellent work, Felicia. I’ll be tweeting this and sharing it on Facebook shortly!


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