Our Chalkboard Paint Countertops

As we near the end of our budget kitchen remodel, I want to look back at what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in.

Remember, this was my inspiration image for our budget remodel.

Well, this is my kitchen today.   Pretty darn close for a budget remodel huh?

The final step of this remodel was painting the countertops with chalkboard paint.  I was inspired by a photo I saw in a magazine from Assortment's kitchen remodel.  Their countertops were made with plywood, but I wanted to try the same technique on laminate.

The first step was to remove our four inch backsplash and spackle the wall where the glue removed some sheetrock.  After the countertops were painted (and dry), I sanded the wall down and painted.

For the countertops, I sanded them with a medium grit sandpaper and wiped clean with a clorox bleach wipe.

Then I used Rustoleum's black chalkboard paint and applied with a foam roller.  For the edges (like around the sink and near the wall) I used a small paintbrush.  After three coats, sand the painted surface lightly to create a smooth surface.  Then I used a rag to apply Howard Citrus Shield Paste Wax.  Simply follow the instructions on the container to wax your counters to a beautiful satin luster.

As for durability, I've found that obviously you can't cut or put hot items directly on the countertop.  Where hubby forgot and did slice through the wax and paint, there are thin white lines.  However, I keep the paint and wax under the kitchen sink.  It's easy to touch up, doesn't discolor when wet (like the polyacrylic I used on our last kitchen), and looks great for the price.  I'm really happy with the results  - it's made a world of a difference in there while we save up for our real remodel someday.  What do you think about painted countertops?  Yay or nay?


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