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Hi there and welcome to Little Brick Home! I'm glad you stopped by.  My name is Felicia, mom of Little Man - our sweet, train-loving four year old - and Baby E who was born last September. We live in Northern Virginia in the house that my husband, Mav, grew up in as a kid.

It was only a couple of years ago that I realized that I love to do home projects.  Through a series of trial and error efforts (and rescues from Mav), I've become braver and more competent with home improvement projects… and I know you can too!

I decided to start this blog as a creative outlet to document the progress we made on our first home (and now second home) and to share with others that you too can customize your home!  It's been a lot of fun to watch how our home has transformed over the past couple of years.  Homeownership has been such a fun (and sometimes tough) ride - but we love it.

In "real life" I work full time and am a mom full time, which frequently means that projects can take a little longer than I'd like.  However, being a mom has been the greatest gift and experience I've ever had! There's nothing I'd rather do than spend time with my Little Man.

Mav and I got married in 2009, and purchased our first home a couple of months prior.  It was a short sale, which meant that we got it at a great price but it needed a little love.  You can check out a tour of our first house here.

We moved into Mav's childhood house in August of 2013 and have started to make some changes to make the place our own.  I look forward to the memories we have yet to make with our growing family in this new home.

A little more about our family...  We love the Dallas Mavericks.  Mav is a huge NBA fan, but especially loves the Mavs (hence his nickname on this blog).  We're also Christians who love God.

To give you a little look into our family:
  • Between October -May, if the tv is on it's probably an NBA game.
  • I could go on a vacation to Disney 10x/year and never get bored (Little Man sides with me on this one).
  • The people at our local Chipotle know Mav (because we are such frequent visitors).  Whoops!
  • I believe ice cream can be eaten any time of the day (including breakfast).  
Thanks again for stopping by! We'd love to hear from you!


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